Black Desert

At E3 2014 event, Pearl Abyss brought their newest product called the Black Desert to the global online game industry, with the aim of introducing, as well as their search for a home… Continue reading

Ascended Soul

Although there have been more than 5 years of age, but Rift has always been a favorite playground of the gaming community in the world. In terms of gameplay, Rift has similar gameplay… Continue reading

Pokemon GO

Recently, Nintendo has unexpectedly announced that it will expand the test version for Pokemon GO into 2 countries are Australia (Australia) and New Zealand, rather than just wrapped up in each local market… Continue reading

Platform Racing 2

Do you have any idea about Platform Racing 2? Is it a name of a movie, a television series or a flash game? If your answer pertains to the first two options, then… Continue reading

Semantic Wars

Are you familiar with the flash game called Semantic Wars? If not, then you are fortunate to be reading this article because it will mainly tackle the game proper of the game Semantic… Continue reading

Freestyle Snow Wheeling

This time is Sniper Team 2!! for hitting the slopes, but don’t forget to leave the skis on the rack, as you are going to take the quick track down. This amazing game can… Continue reading

Blocky 3

Blocky 3 is the third installment of the game Blocky. This game is all about blocks with smiling and sad faces. The sad faces pertain to the blocks that are not yet paired… Continue reading

Let’s Get Bakin

Baking is one of the best tasting activities because it is about food, specifically, cookies, bread, cakes and other goodies Strike Force Heroes Kids and even adults are enjoying this activity as well… Continue reading

Hidden Object Game

Now a days you don’t need to bother with games CD’s anymore. As we have plenty of online free games out there in the internet. Amongst them, a very common type of game… Continue reading

Electric Man

Are you bored of playing the usual games? Why don’t you try something new? Electric Man is one of the game series that you are definitely going to like. Basically, it is a… Continue reading