My Dolphin Show 5


As you complete each level, you will be able to unlock a variety of costumes that cute little dolphin you can wear during his next demonstration. Some of the costumes are quite expensive, but some of them can be quite expensive so you play, you might want to consider saving your money, super expensive costumes really wonderful that will surely wow your audience!

How to play

The object of the game is simple – use the arrow keys to your swim, jump, and jump to the left, right, up and down. Perform tricks that your coach has taught you to reel in a larger audience. Capturing the hearts of the audience and put a big smile on their face to earn gold! If you do a great job, your coach will toss you some delicious goldfish will help you rack up even more gold coins!



Similar to the previous version, My Dolphin Show 5 includes 18 amazing levels to complete. 17 and 18 are significantly more difficult to unlock though, because to unlock 17 levels, you need to have at least two stars for every level. To unlock the level 18, all previous levels need to have all three stars! Each level is increasingly more difficult than before, with more and more stunts to perform correctly.


For example, to complete a level, you must complete a total of 4 stuntman. The first stunt was just jumping out of the water and tip-tap two beachballs. The stuntman second is to jump out of the water, through three hoops suspended, then dive into the water through floating donut. The stuntman third is to smash through two floating beam while two beachballs hanging nose-exploitation. And finally, the stuntman fourth is to jump through the donut stand nose-exploited while three beachballs hanging.

At the second level, though, the first stunt is pretty easy – just three laps to swim through underwater. Recipes second is a bit more difficult – swimming underwater along through three rounds, then nose-exploitation and land suspened beachball in circles close to the water’s edge to splash the audience. The third secret to storm a floating bar and then pass through a ring suspended back into the water. The next trick is to swim up through three rounds under water, on a tip-tap network and a beachball suspended then dive down underwater through three rounds on the opposite side. For the last trick, you need to jump over a total of five different rounds – two surfaced on the water and three suspended in the air.


A mermaid
A shark
A unicorn
A ballerina
a ninja
A goldfish
And much, much more!
Favorite dolphins our little back and even more tricks up his sleeve! Diving, swimming, and dancing to win the hearts of the audience and earn gold coins to buy new, better costumes than ever! You can perform stunts to perfection to get a full audience and monetize best outfit can buy? Try it today!

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