Earn To Die 8

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The game can be controlled with the arrow keys. The key is to speed up, the key is to Drop Down, and Left and Right is tilted away. You must press the ‘X’ key to the use of missiles, ‘R’ key to reset, and the key “P” to pause the game.

There are a number of medals you can win the game by passing levels. Some medals are mentioned below:

Switch Air Total 30 seconds.
Switch Air Total 1 minute.
3 Jump Land.
Pickup 20K in Cash.
Knock Down A Brick Wall.
Destroy tanks.
And many others.
The game begins with a basic car and it is important that you have to add some accessories to it to enhance its functionality. In short, your vehicle will require an upgrade and for that you need to access the Shop Game. Here are some of the upgrades that are available for your vehicle and its amazing benefits:


Engine: It will improve acceleration and top speed of your vehicle. In addition, it will improve the efficiency of the fuel. You can upgrade for $ 500 for the engine and $ 1,200 for 6 CYL 8 CYL.
Tuning: It will enhance the performance of your engine and reduces the weight of the vehicle. The upgrade is available for $ 400 and $ 1.200.
Wheels: better wheel will increase the handling and the speed of your vehicle. Get it for $ 50 upgrade, $ 100, and $ 800.
Suspension: To improve the suspension and chassis height, you can use this update. It will also reduce your car flip over and is available for $ 150, $ 400, and $ 1.400.
Fuel Tank: If you want to increase the size of the fuel tank of your car, then this is the right to perform the upgrade. So buy fuel for $ 200, $ 800 and $ 1.800 for travel farther.
Armor: It will offer the ability to defend your car by increasing its strength and reduce the damage caused by the enemy. Get Armor upgrade for $ 1.000 and $ 2.500.
Rockets: If you need to increase the speed and then buy a missile which is available for $ 2.500.
Weapons: To destroy your enemies automatically? Get a Weapon installed to your car for $ 1.500. Do not forget to buy ammo so you can shoot for longer periods.
Fuel: It can be purchased for $ 80, $ 160, $ 240 and so on.
These upgrades will definitely improve my game. However, you will have to earn a lot of money to buy upgrades. So your game plan well, and have a fun experience while playing your favorite game Earn To Die 8.
If you are looking for an online adventure game, then you should try your luck with the game Earn To Die 8. Games begin on July 7, 1944. With each successful day in the game, you’ll earn cash; the in-game currency. The easiest way to make more money is by killing enemies. Speed also plays a major role in the game as you earn money even opposite number distance in the game.

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