Duck Life 5

Finally defeat fire duck! All had went back to normal, the volcano was dormant and inactive. It was the return of peace to the small towns, rural areas and the lives of everyone. But the news dormant volcano, but it has become a very attractive tourist destination people – and it is the purpose, destination of millions of interesting people like treasure hunt, they heard multiple rumors that there is a treasure in the volcano it.
You hear the rumors and think about those dollars! hurry to go to the volcano requires the first and discover hidden treasures. Great!

Click to play Duck Life 5: The hunt for treasure

What’s New

Duck Life 5: Will not the same game of the session notes cute duckling but be fast and smart search for mystery and treasures! Here you will have a noble mission that was the first to discover the treasures of Duck missing fire instead of racing to compete and win in every competition as the previous version.

In the treasure hunt ducks live, you can buy things needed to become more cute, buy pet useful to help you during the search. Each animal provides different skills and abilities, such as knocking out the enemies on the screen, firing “missiles” heat-seeking type object into enemies blocking your path, and even pets that will jump in front of you to protect you from the enemies!

This version offers several different game shops designed to provide you with helpful equipment, pets, and more throughout your adventures.

In addition, the graphics are significantly better than what we’ve seen in the previous versions. If you didn’t think the ducks in the last 4 versions of the game were cute, your mind will definitely change in this game! The game’s style is even different. Instead of merely racing against other computer-generated ducks, you’re on an adventure – a true adventure!


There will be the next version of unique and attractive, interesting and I’m sure you want to explore it. Please share if you like and feel comfortable!

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