Christmas Ma

Christmas Ma is an online game 2D MMORPG genre with magical themes are developed and operated by the company GameYJ. The main game is set based on the masterpiece “the West”, the player will be the first adventure travel colored world first half, against all sorts of evil demons, experience moments of euphoria 1 through gameplay interesting.


After creating and official character in the game players will be reading one dialogue is relatively simple, then the system will automatically lead to NPC characters to receive quests. Through the new prime task sequence, we can learn a few basics about manipulating the system and get 1 dish of useful equipment.
Graphics of Christmas Ma style 2D first half, the character models are designed in the form of 3D models and vivid sharp, background scenery is also quite beautiful motifs. Inside the scenes are often embellished with the point quite rich effects such as a thunderstorm, fog, water …, makes the overall picture is not monotonous.