Black Desert

At E3 2014 event, Pearl Abyss brought their newest product called the Black Desert to the global online game industry, with the aim of introducing, as well as their search for a home game released in foreign markets .


The good news is, most likely, the Black Desert will open the North American version as well as Europe as early as 2014 because Pearl Abyss says it has been in the process of negotiating with the biggest potential NPH.
Because of that, gamers Vietnam we have more opportunity to enjoy the Black Desert , one of the RPGs are highly valued in the current Korean market.


Meanwhile, NPH has opened Russian website for online gaming in crisis Black Desert , expected the game will appear here on 05.14.2014 next day. With traditional and IP registration unlocked very easily account of Aries NPH country, this is a good opportunity for Vietnamese gamers to participate in crisis play test games from Korea, the teaser site:Happy Wheels

Black Desert is a cult online game developed by Pearl Abyss – a new game company in Korea, founded by a former production manager game Continent of the Ninth (C9). Therefore, you will see many similarities in gameplay as well as structural incredibly vast world countless hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.


The battle system of the Black Desert is quite special with the small semi-target mechanism, there are skills you can non-target, but there is some skill to require players to target on target to implement (like Blade and Soul). Besides, things like dodge, jump … also been included to help players can “counter” to the enemy’s attacks.
In the Black Desert , the character can be equipped with up to 12 items, including weapons 2, 4 and 6 armor accessories (earrings, rings, necklaces …). However, the Black Desert did not provide enhancement features fitted instead, players will only be able to “socket” more pressing pearl sub-index rose to its equipment, which is known as the “Black Stone “.