Pokemon GO

Recently, Nintendo has unexpectedly announced that it will expand the test version for Pokemon GO into 2 countries are Australia (Australia) and New Zealand, rather than just wrapped up in each local market is Japan as before.

Thus, it is not the US or China, two markets are considered as potential prior to the Australia and New Zealand is the second new country is about to experience hands Pokemon GO , instead of playing the last game … Youtube like before. Currently, the favorite gamers have been able to register to participate in trials at “Strike force heroesPokemon GO

Although this is still only limited trials account, but it certainly has made the gaming community of this country “fever”. Of course, this version of Pokemon GO will be in English.

Pokemon GO1
Pokemon GO is a free online game on mobile, Pokemon GO is predicted to be a phenomenon of the gaming world in 2016, when the game Blocky 3 was quite successful simulation of how catching Pokemon in real life, achievements Google Maps with giving players feel like they are the real coaches that. Recently, the Pokemon GO opening test in the Japanese market has received the attention of the majority of gamers . And coming here, we will experience this game hands with the English version.