Ascended Soul

Although there have been more than 5 years of age, but Rift has always been a favorite playground of the gaming community in the world. In terms of gameplay, Rift has similar gameplay variety with monumental World of WarCraft , but was upgraded to add new features, as well as graphic background is somewhat easier on the eyes.
Additionally, Trion Worlds NPH regularly launches new update is why Rift keeps its charm.
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Darkness holds many dangers, and the Shadeborn is one of them. We are offering it as part of the new Ascended Soul Pack, coming to Telara with Update 3.6; celebration of the Ascended. Explore the night with us, and get your first look at the Shadeborn through the pen of Captain Cursor.

The Shadeborn is a DPS soul that excels in taking out one or two targets. They deal impressive Death damage to the primary target and due to the sheer power of darkness, may hit a marked secondary target as well.

This deadly soul makes extensive use of “Bond of Night,” a mark that, when placed on a target, causes a portion of damage they deal to also be dealt this target. The core of their burst damage emerges from the talent “Consuming Depths,” which deals impressive damage over 3 seconds. Masterful use of Bond of Night and target swapping will increase their damage potential.Ascended Soul1

Visually, the Shadeborn’s trademark effect causes spikes of shadow to drive into the target, commanding forces that claw and tear.

The Shadeborn soul makes an excellent match with Nightblade, building on each other’s substantial Death damage. Many Shadeborn tools compliment the cleaving nature of Nightblade