Blocky 3

Blocky 3 is the third installment of the game Blocky. This game is all about blocks with smiling and sad faces. The sad faces pertain to the blocks that are not yet paired with the same color. Smiling blocks means that there have been sucesful pairing. A player will surely enjoy this third installment for four reasons.13r24t243t23
These reasons are indicated below. First factor is the color inclination. As we all know, colors give life to everything and a game Kingdom Rush 1 full of colors will surely make your gaming experience livelier. The colors green, blue, violets and others are well set up in the game. Second factor are the smiling and sad faces win the blocks. This part brings cuteness due to the fact that enabling the blocks to smile again is indeed a cute goal. Third factor is the rule of the game which is to form blocks with the same color as much as possible. Last factor is the option to play an arcade or puzzle game.Blocky-3