Potty Racers 1

  • Are you familiar with Potty Racers 1? Do you have any idea about it? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because the purpose of this article is to educate or inform readers and eventual players about Potty Racers 1. It is a flash game which features a port-a-potty.1-2
  • This is not a typical racing game that uses vehicles but a port-a-porty. You will find out morStrike Force Heroes Walkthrough: Beat the gamee details about this game at the next paragraph. But now, let us discuss two reasons why players will love Potty Racers 1.5-1


  • One is because of the involvement of a port-a-porty as the main equipment in accomplishing the mission of the game. The other reason is the maps involved which are exciting.
  • Strike Force Heroes Walkthrough: Beat the gameThe objective in the game is to reach the required distance in each level. The player will have to utilize the port-a-potty in reaching farther distances depending on the force and motion you will exert. There are four different maps to be tackled as well as five different tricks to execute to accumulate higher scores. The main site of this game is www.pottyracers4.net/potty-racers-1.py6yb73hiwb17