Park My Big Rig 2!

  • Gamers who like parking games will enjoy this one! But this time it is even more challenging because you need to park a very large truck! So, do you think you have enough skills for that?Shoot The Waves OF Enemies In Sniper Team 2!! If you haven’t played this kind of games, with a little practice you will definitely master it.parkmybigrig2-1
  • You just need to pay attention to some objects, vehicles and fence on your way. Don’t hit them because you will lose a life. You have only five lives at your disposal, but after you complete 5 levels successfully, you get one more life.
  • Shoot The Waves OF Enemies In Sniper Team 2!!At every level you will be challenged with a new truck. Every level has a new and different truck you need to park.park-my-big-rig-2
  • Game is followed by very energetic music and you will love it! Arrows will show you where you need to go and where to park. If you like Park My Big Rig 2 you can find more information and challenge yourself!parkmybigrig2-2